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Oct 07 2012

Home prices has decreased

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Mar 17 2008

New England real estate franchises

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Getting involved in property in the New England area of the US, a region which comprises the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, could be an advantageous way for individuals to start up a real estate franchise.

There are a number of estate organisations operating in New England, including GMAC Real Estate. Many of these organisations operate by utilising the franchise model, which can benefit those groups who would like to get involved in the real estate market, but do not want to open themselves to the risk potential that starting up a business could bring.

People looking to get involved in the potentially lucrative New England freelancing model might like to set up a franchise business in their own locality. This will entail a franchise-operating estate agency granting a license to a franchisee to make use of their own trading package. With estate agencies sharing a percentage of the sale when selling a property, it is in their interest to have access to local markets. And with the franchisee potentially benefiting from the brand identity of the estate agent and its national advertising possibilities, it is not hard to see why the franchise partnership could be a successful one.

The New England property market might not be as buoyant as those levels experienced in the first part of the decade, with property prices predicted to experience a greater downturn than in other parts of the US during 2007. However, this does not necessarily mean that a real estate franchisee should suffer, with some commentators speculating that a buyer’s market is developing. According to Boston-based sales agent John Schwagerl: “The phones are ringing less. But when they ring, there’s more work involved with it,” reports

Setting up a franchise-run business could be an invaluable experience for an entrepreneur, but they will have to persuade the franchisor that they are capable of running a smoothly operating business. For an initial fee, a franchisor may provide a great deal of assistance to a real estate entrepreneur. However, the franchisee will have to demonstrate that they have established a carefully thought out initial capital plan. Having set up such a partnership, the franchisee could be set to benefit from the real estate group’s expertise and brand identity.

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Mar 13 2008

Britons snapping up French property

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France is attracting increased levels of interest from UK-based property investors, according to experts.

Currency exchange firm HiFX said that last year, the country accounted for more than a quarter of all the enquiries it received from prospective buyers.

Ski resorts such as Meribel and Courchevel were highlighted as especially popular locations, despite their relatively high property values.

Mark Bodega, director of HiFX, commented: “Prices are higher in well-established resorts but the rental yields also remain consistently high.”

He added that France’s close proximity to the UK was one of the main reasons for its popularity among British buyers.

In addition, he said the fact it is serviced by numerous low-cost airlines has also helped draw people to the country.

Access to France was recently improved further with the introduction of a high-speed rail link by Eurostar.

The service, which runs between London and Paris, allows people to travel from one city to the other in just two hours and 15 minutes.

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Mar 13 2008

Extra Cape Verde flights to be introduced

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A media report has revealed that transport links between mainland Europe and Cape Verde could be stepped up.

According to A Semana, TAP Air Portugal will offer passage between Lisbon and Praia seven days a week.

The carrier began providing direct flights between the two cities in October 2007, although the service currently operates four times a week.

Luiz Mor, spokesperson for TAP, commented: “We’re going to begin incentive programs – electing Cape Verde as the destination of the month.”

This, he stated, would form part of a greater effort to increase tourism in Africa.

According to figures from the airline, the number of passengers that TAP has transported to African countries went up by a quarter last month, making it a highly lucrative location for the carrier.

This also suggests that Africa’s tourist market is expanding at a considerable rate, which will be a positive development for rental investors in places such as Cape Verde.

According to Sarah Brown from, accessibility improvements have led to the country attracting a record number of foreign visitors.

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Mar 13 2008

Turkey to offer strong returns

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Owners of Turkish rental accommodation could find their investment highly lucrative in the next few years, experts have suggested.

Foreign Property Buyer stated that demand for temporary lodgings is likely to go up significantly as a result of government efforts to attract more visitors.

This means that buy-to-let investors will be able to enjoy higher occupancy rates and collect larger rental yields.

However, the website suggested that since the government is opening up different parts of the country to holidaymakers, these areas could offer a number of good investment opportunities.

Foreign Property Buyer commented: “The whole of Turkey is being promoted, rather than just the coastal locations.”

The online portal said this would result in house price inflation and increased rental yields in all areas, including as-yet untapped markets.

Turkey’s government is currently aiming to increase the annual number of foreign arrivals from 23 million to 50 million in the next 15 years.

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Mar 12 2008

Credit crunch ‘not impacting on tourism’

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The impact of the global credit crunch is not putting people off booking holidays abroad, new research has revealed.

According to TNS Travel and Tourism, millions of leisure travellers from the UK are still preparing to make their annual trips abroad, reports Travel Weekly.

This is despite people’s finances being constrained by the slowdown in the worldwide economy, which has led to fears of a possible recession.

Since one in five people said they plan to have more than two holidays this year, this suggests that consumers have made a trip abroad one of their financial priorities.

Tom Costley of TNS commented: “This data highlights a number of trends that suggest the UK holiday market appears resilient in the face of the economic downturn.”

Countries along the Mediterranean coast were found to be especially popular locations, with 27 per cent booking a week-long stay in places such as Italy, Spain and Turkey.

This comes after Murat Dedeman, head of the Turkish Tourism Investors Association, told Reuters that holidays have become a “necessity” for many people.

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