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Mar 02 2008

Morocco appeals to different types of buyers

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Morocco is appealing to a broad spectrum of overseas property buyers in the UK, according to experts.

Independent analysts Amberlamb stated that the north African country is currently attracting an increased amount of interest from British-based investors.

The organisation said Morocco is very popular with people who want a residence for their own personal use, such as holiday home owners and expatriates.

However, it pointed out that the destination was also proving to be an appealing location for investment buyers as well.

Amberlamb said the country now accounts for one in five properties in Africa that are owned by Britons.

Commenting on its appeal, the group remarked: “This proves that the nation is of serious and increasing interest to UK-based purchasers.”

This comes after the Foreign Property Buyer website said that government plans to increase the number of visitors in Morocco over the next two years “bodes well” for its rental market.

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Mar 02 2008

Global economic problems ‘not deterring overseas buyers’

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Turbulence in the global economy is not putting Britons off buying foreign properties, according to new research.

Figures from the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) found that the number of overseas transactions went up by 21 per cent to 240,000 last year.

Many of these purchases were said to have been in established European locations, including France, Portugal and Italy.

However, Spain was named as people’s favourite location, as it attracted more than a quarter of those who bought a foreign property in 2007.

Paul Owen, chief executive of AIPP, told Country Life that this finding could prove to be a surprise to some industry analysts.

He commented: “There has been some negative media coverage about the Spanish property market.”

Despite this, the country has been rated highly in recent polls including a survey by A Place in the Sun magazine.

Research by the magazine found that it was Britons’ favourite foreign property market for the second consecutive year.

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Mar 02 2008

Cape Verde offers stable economy

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Cape Verde’s economic stability could help make it a good place for overseas property investors to consider, an expert has suggested.

Simon Conn, sales and marketing director at Conti Financial Services, told the Independent that the status of the country’s economy made it a “good bet” for foreign buyers.

Speaking to the newspaper, he added that its favourable performance was underpinned by its political stability.

This means that any investment in Cape Verde is likely to be much safer and more secure than in some other emerging property markets.

Mr Conn went on to praise other positive attributes of the country, such as its good weather.

He stated that year-round temperatures were – on average – more than three degrees warmer than those in Spain’s Canary Islands.

This comes after the country was highlighted by TUI Travel as a particularly popular destination with British leisure travellers this year.

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