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Mar 10 2008

Europe opened up to people in Scotland

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Second home buyers in Scotland look set to benefit from the introduction of new flights to mainland Europe.

Budget airline Ryanair has confirmed that it will roll out services from Edinburgh to a number of destinations across the continent.

The flights to places including Spain, Italy and France will make these countries highly accessible to consumers in the vicinity of the airport.

As a result, they will become much more viable locations for those who are thinking of buying a holiday home overseas.

Their appeal should be enhanced by the fact that they will be serviced by a low-cost airline, as this means that air fares will be highly affordable.

David Johnston, managing director of the airport, commented: “We expect [the flights] to prove popular with inbound and outbound passengers.”

According to the Office for National Statistics, almost 850,000 UK nationals now own a foreign property.

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Mar 10 2008

Turkish economy benefits from tourism

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Tourism in Turkey is likely to be highly lucrative for its economy this year, an expert has predicted.

Murat Dedeman, head of the Turkish Tourism Investors Association, stated that the holiday industry is likely to generate revenues of more than £10 billion this year.

Speaking to Reuters, he said tourism revenues would be up on 2007 because the country is set to attract a greater number of visitors.

Mr Dedeman told the news agency that the amount could go up by as much as 12 per cent this year.

As well as boosting Turkey’s economy, this should be good news for those with a vested interest in the holiday industry.

For example, investors in rental accommodation will be able to enjoy higher returns if they receive greater demand from holidaymakers.

Mr Dedeman commented: “Turkey will have a good season”.

“People are talking about a recession but this does not have too much effect on tourism,” he added.

Turkey’s government is currently aiming to increase the annual number of foreign arrivals from 23 million to 50 million in the next 15 years.

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